Smart Communities Solutions

Quantum Saudi provides solutions addressing the specific needs for the smart transformation of communities and cities by improving security and resilience while enhancing local attractiveness and the urban décor.

Smarter. Greener. Together.

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Addressing the smart cities opportunity as a global system integrator, Quantum Saudi leverages on the intrinsic innovation of its technology partners with a portfolio of product and systems spanning from intelligent LED lighting controls, remote asset management software, road traffic safety, smart poles integrating environmental sensors, video surveillance, signage panels and electric vehicle charging.

Smart city intelligent lighting

Enhancing security and sustainable mobility does not only refer to urban traffic management. Quantum Saudi is investing in technologies and solutions enabling comfort, wellness and safety of citizens who are environmental responsible and more keen on using pedestrian walkways and public transportation rather than their own car. We design lighting with the human being at the heart of our projects for pedestrian areas, historical centers and green parks by integrating lighting an signage with our monitoring and control software to transform, as an example, pedestrian crossing in safe places meeting the highest security standards.

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