QuantumEsco provides solutions addressing the specific needs for the smart transformation of communities and cities by: improving security and resilience, introducing green mobility facilities, enhance local attractiveness and the urban decor.

  Smart cities and green mobility are the themes where the innovation path of our control systems is focusing. Addressing the smart cities opportunity as a global system integrator we leverage on the intrinsic innovation of the Quantum Eurostar Esco software platform by delivering lighting solutions integrated with the security system for road traffic control and intelligent pedestrian crossing conforming to the European norms for road traffic safety EN 12352. Video surveillance and automated remote video capture solutions are as well in our portfolio, thanks to the synergies with the parent company Eurostar Group who provides turn key system from the Eurostar Korean Integrated security portfolio. Green mobility is addressed with our offering including the engineering, procurement and construction of Electrical Vehicle charging stations for domestic, communities, public parking and utilities certified and conforming to the European norm and standard IEC 61851.  


  Enhancing security and sustainable mobility does not only refer to urban traffic management. Quantum Eurostar Esco is investing in technologies and solutions enabling comfort, wellness and safety of citizens who are environmental responsible and more keen on using pedestrian walkways and public transportation rather than their own car. We design lighting with the human being at the heart of our projects for pedestrian areas, historical centers and green parks by integrating lighting an signage with our monitoring and control software to transform, as an example, pedestrian crossing in safe places meeting the highest security standards.  


  General availability of Electrical Vehicle charging stations is key for the development of green mobility and the reduction of carbon emissions in our cities. Delivering Electrical Vehicle charging stations with demand side management of electricity from the grid is in our DNA therefore our solutions for private and communal applications will never lead to a down of the electrical system of the premises where the charging stations are installed. Our portfolio includes charging solution for domestic and professional applications from 22Kw to 43Kw (Fast AC) wall mount or self standing complying to the European standard EN 61851-1 and equipped with charging sockets Type 2 and Type3C