Chartered energy engineers bearing the highest levels of international certifications as CMVP, CEM, CEA, LEED AP, lighting designers, architects and software specialists are the spear heads of the Quantum Eurostar ESCO Investment Grade Audit team.

 Our energy savvy engineers tackle with innovation and passion the cost reduction of energy by identifying the optimal energy conservation measures and providing the customers with detailed solutions reports.

The Investment Grade Audit team counts on Certified Energy Auditors, Certified Energy Managers, Certified Measurement and Verification Professionals and LEED AP, BREAMM and ESTIDAMA engineers. The Investment Grade Audit is the cornerstone of any of ours energy saving project. QUANTUM EUROSTAR ESCO possesses the in-house expertise to assess customer’s energy costs and suggesting a tailored solution optimizing the quality of their energy consumption while introducing significant energy savings.

The raw energy data gathered thanks to the on-site surveys performed by our chartered engineers supported by specific software tools and technical instrumentation and other releant information such as utility bills, technical data sheets, data consumption and energy drivers are then passed to our back office energy analysts who depicts a global picture of energy consumption and of energy costs with indications of areas with abnormal consumption or potential energy reduction creating the o known “Energy Map” and design the appropriate solutions.