Quantum Eurostar ESCO takes pride in best talents and internationally certified energy engineers.

The founders and acting Managing Director Eng. Stefano Martini, relocated from Europe to Dubai to share with talented GCC nationals know how and best practices inspired to the world leading standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14000 AND OHSAS 18000.

Quantum’s top notch engineers were relocated to Dubai and were highly appreciated by GCC nationals; the internationally qualified staffs added a multicultural creative working environment. The Team comprises from 8 countries speaking 13 languages daily deals with the challenge of reducing the energy drag of our customer’s facilities.

By incorporating a broad range of human experiences and a rich variety of human perspectives, Quantum Eurostar ESCO enlarges its capacity for delivering state of the art energy efficiency solutions, enriches the quality and texture of its deliverables, and better prepares its internships and fresh graduates for new challenges.

Quantum Eurostar ESCO is committed, both as an employer and as provider of energy solutions and services, to promoting equal opportunities and fairness at work; To achieve its objective it will ensure that equal opportunity principles are applied in all its personnel policies and procedures particularly those relating to recruitment, training and development and career progression.