Quantum Eurostar ESCO is a Joint Venture among Quantum, a reputed European Energy Saving company and the Eurostar Group of Dubai. Eurostar is been a technology innovator with more than 3 decades of legacy.

Quantum was incorporated in Europe back in 2005 and since 2010 operates in the energy efficiency domain as a government approved ESCO (Energy Saving Company).

The Eurostar Group has been in the region for the last three decades being a pioneer in satellite systems, electronics and FMCG and recently shifted its focus on providing turnkey energy services aimed at transforming its customer’s business in sustainable ones.

In 2016 a joint venture with the Eurostar Group was established in the UAE and headquartered in Dubai with the mission to help GCC Governments and large Private customers in saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint and named Quantum Eurostar ESCO.

Quantum Eurostar ESCO operates in the GCC with dedicated technical support in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.