We are a reliable Energy Services Solution Provider with ESCO accreditation. We help GCC Governments and Private Customers in transforming their business in sustainable ones by reducing their carbon footprint while significantly contributing to the conservation of the environment.

Our turn key energy services are aimed at improving the energy efficiency and/or the energy utilization in operation, maintenance and the management of our customer’s facilities.

Unlocking the potential savings achievable in any kind of facilities is our specialty: weather it’s Lighting, HVAC, Water, the Building Envelope, Solar Power Generation, Wind Turbines or Geothermal; we have the right solution fitting your needs.

If so desired we finance the identified energy conservation package and we deliver it on time, within the approved budget and without disrupting your day to day business.

Professional Lighting
Green Building
Energy Audit


Energy savings above 65% combined by a 90% reduction in maintenance costs without requiring changes to the existing wiring. Quantum Eurostar ESCO energy efficiency solution for lighting systems stands out for its use of innovative technologies and custom application software integrating advanced telecommunication systems.


Energy Auditing, Green House Gas and Carbon Footprint reduction are strategic issues challenging every CEO. In many countries the mandatory elements are reported in the financial statements of listed companies. The activity of reporting and disclosure provides indicators of environmentally sustainable development of an enterprise and communicate its organisational capacity in addressing climate change.

Participation in the CDP questionnaire means visibility to institutional investors that are paying more attention to the level of awareness and the mode of management of risks related to the emissions of a company. Quantum Eurostar ESCO is here to help in gathering the needed data and filling up wisely the information requested.